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Quality products at very low prices
Quality products at very low prices

About Us

Our business is composed of a team of associates of different countries. It was first conceived at a family breakfast reunion just right after covid-19 restrictions began (March 2020) where one Grand-Child brought to the attention that we should thought of doing an on-line business to satisfy the needs of those that would not be in economic worthy conditions anymore. Right there began the challenge of putting together what today is Go-E-Mall, LLC. Not only a customers wholesale prices membership, but a business model to share revenues with  it's associates. We are also focused in bringing excellent products at lower prices to  compete with the best prices found in the market. 


Go-E-Mall, LLC will take care of the customers providing excellent products at wholesale prices and provide continue and constant support to associates to better improve their business relation with the company and/or the market.  Will give value to each of our colleagues and collaborators in our decision making process to always be one step ahead of market trends. Will make sure to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Will support initiatives that are sensitive and give value to our planet and human kind.


Develop and execute strategies aligned with our vision, in order to deliver the best outcome for parties involved as well as for the community as a whole,