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Quality products at very low prices
Quality products at very low prices

1500mAh Portable Charger Keychain

Color: Universal
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With our 1500mAh Portable Charger Keychain, you can worry less about the fear of your devices running out of power at a critical moment. This charger boasts an ultra-compact design making it the perfect size for a car key. And with its capacity of 1500mAh and Type-C fast charging technology, this portable charger is super efficient and reliable. Plus, its retractable interface protects the circuits in the device from any damage as well as any scratches that could be caused by its metal casing on other items. With all these features, your devices will always be ready to go! Whether you’re heading off on holiday or just need some extra energy on their commutes, make sure to depend on our 1500mAh Portable Charger Keychain!



Name: Keychain Phone Charger
Battery Type: Square Aluminum Case
Cell type: Polymer-Ion Battery
Shell Material: PP
Color: Black, Pink
Power Capacity: 1500mA
Size: 40*70*18mm/2*3*1 inch
Conversion Rate: 80 (%)
Charging Power: 5w

Product List:
Keychain Phone Charger*1