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Quality products at very low prices
Quality products at very low prices

2-HOP Quick Step Trainer Tennis Fast Step Exerciser Artifact Auxiliary Equipment Single Beginner Child

Color: quick step trainer
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2-HOP quick step trainer

Put you in the right posture of preparation
Improve reaction time

Principle of action

Tennis requires constant movement and pacing!
When you put your weight on the forefoot, the kinetic energy of movement is naturally generated! The reaction will also improve!
When a player uses the 2-HOP Step Trainer, if the center of gravity is pressed against the heel, the trainer will make a buzzing vibration sound as a reminder, you need to adjust the center of gravity and exercise preparation posture!

How to use

Put the trainer anyway on the inside of the sneakers against the heel, the logo is facing up, and put on the shoes.
In preparation, movement, and batting phases, the center of gravity falls on the forefoot, and the heel is slightly raised
The benefits: faster reaction, fast movement, and more effective power transfer!

Frequent question: Players often need to be reminded if they are in maneuvering or not!
Solution: This step training aid is very targeted! When your body habitually appears lazy, it will give instant feedback.
Effect: Players move more actively on the tennis court. Being a coach can also reduce reminders.

Product structure diagram

battery standard diameter: 20mm