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Quality products at very low prices
Quality products at very low prices

Easy Furniture Mover Tool Set

Color: Yellow
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THE ULTIMATE EASY WAY TO MOVE HEAVY FURNITUREHave you ever hurt yourself trying to move heavy furniture? Are you tired of trying to move heavy furniture on your own?The Easy Furniture Mover Set is specially designed to help you move even the heaviest of furniture with ease. Never again worry about getting hurt while you are lifting and moving furniture around your home. The first of its kind, the Easy Furniture Mover Set is the ideal tool to use for any situation.Moving Day Has Never Been EasierDo you need to move heavy furniture and appliances around but don’t want to hurt your back in the process?Would you like to rearrange your furniture every now and then but find it too hard to move them around?Are you looking for a convenient way to move heavy furniture?Then look no further because we have just the thing for you!This furniture lifter and rollers set is exactly what you need.Easy To UseThis amazing set will make moving your furniture easy, fast and fun!The furniture lifter will easily lift your furniture just enough to slide the rollers underneath. We even provide you with a convenient height controller for easy adjusting.Then all you have to do is roll the sliders under your furniture and appliances.Now, glide! The tiny wheels will make each piece of furniture easy to move.