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Quality products at very low prices
Quality products at very low prices

Manicure Set Acrylic Nail Kit Acrylic Powder 3D Tips Glass Cup Nail Brush Crystal Polymer Nail Art Tools For Manicure Nail Set

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1. Use a file to polish the nail surface rough.2. Connect the nail pad to the interface of the nail edge (Note:must be exactly the same)3. Pour the crystal liquid into the crystal cup, soak the pen, and remove the bubbles in the pen (Note:if there are bubbles, it is not easy to stick)4. Dip the crystal pen soaked with crystal liquid in the crystal powder to get the powder, and it will melt into a powder ball immediately.5. Drop a powder ball on the fingertip part where the nail pad and the nail are connected, and use the belly of the crystal pen press into a shape of the nail.6. Then make the middle part ,need use more powder balls to coat it thicker.7. Spread crystal powder for the third time near the bottom of the nail. Smooth coating edges, not prone to prominent clots.8. When the crystal powder has been dry, gently remove the nail pad. (Note: If it is not dry or soft, the shape will be easily damaged,so need wait sometime)9. Pinch the crystal armor from both sides before it hardens. From the front, it looks like a beautiful C-shaped arc.10. After it is completely solidified, use a file to trim the nails to the length you decide.11. Use the two-color surface of the three-color polishing strip to polish first, and then use the single-color surface to polish until the nails are completely transparent and shiny!