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Quality products at very low prices
Quality products at very low prices

New alloy baseball bat and softball bat 21 inches 25 inches 28 inches 30 inches 32 inches

Color: Blue
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Product Name: Baseball Bat

Material: carbon alloy steel

Size: 21 inch/25 inch/28 inch/30 inch/32 inch

21 inches: trolley, anti-wolf for children/girls, sports and fitness, about 53cm, weight about 0.9kg

25 inches: personal self-defense, girls protect wolves, exercise and fitness, about 63cm, weight about 1.0kg

28 inches: personal defense, car, men's sports and fitness, about 71cm, weighing about 1.1kg

30 inches: personal defense, car, men's sports and fitness, about 76cm, weighing about 1.2kg

32 inches: personal defense, large vehicles, home, men's sports and fitness, about 81cm, weight about 1.3kg

Note: If you need to specify the LOGO, please place an order and leave a message, thank you!

Mainly used in softball-the baseball bat is very comfortable to hold. Ergonomic non-slip design, designed for high performance!

High-quality materials-Baseball bats are made of durable, high-quality carbon alloy steel. The top of the baseball bat has a concave design to further increase the strength!

Strong grip-the batting strap around the handle will help you hold more stable, so you can easily control the batting head and exert more force on the ball! Color: red/black/blue/silver

Wide range of uses-the hitting part has good elasticity and shock absorption effect. Suitable for professional training or daily sports! You can also defend yourself in special circumstances

Package Included:

1x baseball bat + 1x bubble bag

 Product Details

1.Stick body

Selected aviation carbon alloy steel, integrally formed

Carbon alloy steel (WC=0.65%-1.35%), has the advantages of high strength, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, etc.

2. surface layer

It adopts advanced baking varnish technology, green and environmentally friendly, and has a delicate touch.

The raw material is bio-resin, tightly sealed, spraying-curing-cold cutting, three processes to form a film at one time, green and environmentally friendly.

3. Baseball bat head

Bold and thicken, quenched and hardened, fast and strong.

The head diameter is 5cm, and the weight ratio is strictly designed in accordance with human mechanics.

4. Baseball bat handle

Winding non-slip handle, anti-sweat, anti-dropping

The diameter of the handle is 2.3cm, and the length is about 23cm. It is convenient to hold with one hand or both hands.

5.Good quality, made with heart

One-piece rod body, plus EVA keel breathable non-slip handle

Product size information

Send a portable stick cover.

Model show

A variety of styles available

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