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Quality products at very low prices
Quality products at very low prices

New High Quality Padel Racket Series Palas 3 Layer Carbon Fiber Board Paddle EVA Face Tennis Beach Racquet Bag Vairo 6.1 380g

Color: Vairo 6.1-E
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About this item

  • Shape fashion: adopt new young and fashionable pattern design, keep your fashionable shape, and establish a style for this sport. Keep calm and always young.

  • Durability: The carbon fiber surface provides the highest impact and durability.

  • Material: technology using EVA memory foam core

  • Extension length: exert greater leverage, produce greater influence and longer tentacles, and can also improve the efficiency of retrieving the ball when running.

  • Function: The surface provides high performance, which can achieve high-speed impact and response. The EVA memory foam core with new pore distribution provides stable and better control performance, and the soft hand feel can be used for a long time.

Product description

Brand: VAIRO

Color: red and white

Length: 47 (cm)

Thickness: 4cm

Shooting area: 26cmx26cm

Material: 100 full carbon frame, interlayer EVA foam

Weight: racket weighs 380g+-5g, racket bag weighs 98g+-5g

Racket Length Category: Premium

Hardness: Hard (Small Action/Forced Player)

Racket face classification: MP racket face (universal)

1 Introduction:
The racket consists of a host, a triangle interface and a handle.
2. Structure:
(1) Main frame: The larger the main frame, the larger the force-bearing area.
(2) Thickness: The thickness is too thick, the greater the elasticity.
(3) Hole: The scientific hole position and size make the racket weight moderate, symmetrical, and easy to control the ball.
(4) Hardness: moderate softness and hardness make the elasticity better.

3. Product features:
(1) Tennis can stay on the racket longer
(2) The tolerance of the shot from the center is small
(3) Accurate control of the ball
(4) High stability when hitting the ball.

4. Daily maintenance:
(1) Prevent throwing the racket on the ground.
(2) Don't play ball on rainy days.
(3) Place it at room temperature. The frame made of resin material is easily deformed under high temperature.
(4) Dry the racket handle in time after sweating. For some leather handles, it is best to clean it regularly with soap.
(5) The custom-made racket cover can prevent the racket from being damaged or aging due to impact, thereby prolonging the life of the racket.