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Quality products at very low prices
Quality products at very low prices

Oak solid wood baseball bat softball bat professional hardwood baseball bat outdoor sports fitness equipment 64cm74cm84

Color: black handle
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Product parameter

Choose high-quality oak, carefully polished, and integrally formed to create a solid baseball bat.

Name: Oak Baseball Bat

Color: wood color

Material: Oak

Size: 64cm/74cm/84cm

Handle hand glue color: yellow/red/purple/blue/black

Scope of application: baseball game/home defense/vehicle self-defense/security patro

Size recommendations:

Choose 64cm below 1.6 meters

Choose 74cm around 1.67 meters

1.75 meters choose 84cm

Solid wood baseball bat, durable, green and environmentally friendly

360° carefully polished

One-piece polishing, keep improving

Available in three sizes

64cm: recommended for children under 10 years old

74cm: recommended for 10-16 children

84cm: 16 or more recommended

product details

1.360°carefully polished. The lines are smooth, and the rod-to-body ratio is 63% golden ratio.

2. Solid and hard tip. The diameter of the tip is up to 5cm

3. Sweat-absorbent hand gel. The handle is wrapped with high-quality hand glue, with a solid grip,

non-slip and wear-resistant, and more assured to use.

4. Round bottom. The rod end is designed to prevent the release of the hand, integrally formed,

non-slip, and it is not easy to release the hand when hitting.

5. LOGO. Exquisite trademark logo, beautiful and elegant, dynamic and fashionable.

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